Vic-Snap 8 (x64) - Revision 522

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Vic-Snap 8 (x64) - Revision 522

Postby Micah » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:16 pm

This is a robustness, camera support, and feature improvement release.

Multiple FLIR improvements:
  • FLIR cameras are now supported with the 64-bit version of Vic-Snap.
  • Case selections are now enabled correctly.
  • Additional error checking.
  • Focus distance displayed when focusing.
  • Focus distance restored when software is restarted.
  • FLIR saving and numbering is now quicker and more reliable.

  • Selection of duty cycle for triggering.
  • Selection of PGR trigger delay. Together with duty cycle this allows for specialized timing applications.
  • Added support for RAW8 mode in newer CMOS cameras from FLIR.
  • Minor UI changes.

64-bit: ... 64.522.msi

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