VIC-3D High-Speed FFT System Patented!

We are VERY pleased to announce that the technology behind the VIC-3D High-Speed FFT system from Correlated Solutions is now patented under U.S. # 9,262,840.  This technology is so far ahead of the competition that we are now competing with 3D laser systems that are far more expensive and less flexible than the VIC-3D HSVA system.  When you purchase a VIC-3D HSVA system, you are purchasing two systems in one.  First, you have the capability of measuring full-field 3D deformation and strain from dynamic events such as a ballistic impact, a crash test, an air bag deployment, a bird strike test, a Hopkinson Bar test, etc..  Secondly, you have the capability to measure Operation Deflection Shapes (ODS) from TRANSIENT vibration events such as an impact or a running engine or a door slam, to name a few.  The applications are endless.  Call us today to learn more about this amazing new innovation!