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The VIC-3D Ultra High-Speed System

Non-Contact Full-Field Explosively Dynamic Strain Measurement System

Up to 5,000,000 frames per second.

VIC-3D™ UHS System Overview

The VIC-3D™ UHS turn-key system is a new addition to the VIC-3D product line. This system utilizes the fastest cameras on the market for ultra-high-speed DIC applications, which may include explosive testing, high-velocity partial acceleration, and ceramic fracture research, to name a few. This system is capable of frame rates up to 5MHz, and with VIC-Snap UHS, you will save an abundance of time during setup. Triggering becomes extremely challenging at these speeds, so precision is paramount to a successful test. The system is completely supported by our technical staff, and is installed by our top engineers.

Fully Integrated Ultra-High-Speed Camera Control: When acquiring images by conventional means with Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) cameras for 3D DIC, some manufacturer’s acquisition software does not have the ability for the user to acquire single pairs of images that are synchronized, which is a requirement for a 3D calibration. With the development of VIC-Snap UHS, the user has the ability to take single image sequences for calibration and a series of images for testing. Having the capacity to perform both types of acquisition for multiple cameras at once literally saves hours of time during the calibration phase of DIC testing, and streamlines the process.

System Specifications

Below are the specifications for common VIC-3D™ UHS-HPVX2 system configurations:

Max Camera Resolution 400 x 250 pixels
Frame Rate 5,000,000 frames per second
Memory 128 frames
Strain Range 0.01% to >2,000%
Minimum Measurement Area ~50mm


More Information

Download the VIC-3D UHS flyer.

View the VIC-3D UHS Application page for the UHS application example.

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