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Correlated Solutions offers non-contact shape and deformation measurement solutions for materials and product testing. These measurements can be made on length scales ranging from microns to meters and time scales as small as nanoseconds. Our scientists and engineers have specialized in deformation measurements for over 20 years and are recognized as world leaders and the inventors of Digital Image Correlation. In addition to our powerful Digital Image Correlation systems, Correlated Solutions also offers a range of measurement solutions for Laser Shearography and Vibration analysis.

Recent News


VIC-3D 8 Official Announcement!

Correlated Solutions is very pleased to announce the release of our most popular product VIC-3D, Version 8. As a current... Read More →

CSI Online Store Grand Opening

We are excited to announce that the opening of CSI’s Online Store, which is now available to existing customers located... Read More →

iDICS 2017

Correlated Solutions is a proud sponsor of the International Digital Image Correlation Society. iDICS 2017 Conference and Exhibition will be... Read More →

Upcoming Shows

CSI will be attending the ATS Automotive Testing Show in Querétaro, Mexico April 11th – 12th. 3D DIC is a great way to measure applications like powertrain, material testing, vehicle dynamics, mechatronics, electronics, crash testing, vehicle safety, and many other areas of vehicle testing & development.  Come see us to learn more about how DIC can help with your Automotive measurements needs!

Correlated Solutions welcomes all to the annual SEM 2018 in Greenville, SC June 4th – 7th. This conference highlights the 75th Anniversary of SEM. We will be celebrating past accomplishments and exploring new frontier in experimental mechanics. Correlated Solutions will be explaining new calibration methods, and ways to improve accuracy. If you are interested in understanding more about how CSI uses DIC, please come visit us at our booth!



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