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Our Digital Image Correlation VIC systems cover a wide range of applications from automotive to biological, and size scales from microscopy to large structures.  All VIC systems are sold as turn-key solutions, which are customized to your measurement needs.  Our systems include all hardware, software, technical support, onsite installation, and equipment training.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality technical support and free software upgrades for one year after the date you receive your system.  Below is a list of some of the most common applications – sorted by industry – VIC systems are currently being used with to obtain data:

Below is a list of common DIC applications by industry.

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Automotive Aerospace (aviation and space flight)
Component testing Wing deflection
Material testing Fuselage pressurization
Tensile/compression/buckling Tensile/compression/buckling
Vibration analysis Composite analysis
High-speed crash testing High-speed bird strike
Composite testing Vibration analysis
Glass/ceramic testing Brake and landing gear testing
Metal forming Engine vibration frequency analysis (ODS of blades)
Thermal deformation analysis Wind tunnel
Tire testing Impact testing
Brake and suspension testing Rocket buckle testing
Thermal deformation analysis Light-weight material testing
PCB testing


Biological Industrial
Skin and muscle deformation measurements Oil pipeline testing
Eye ball pressurization Wind turbine deflection
Tendon Testing Concrete and building deformation testing
Vein deformation (stents) Earthquake/building analysis
Cancer research Contaminated waste containment testing
Implants, orthotics, & prosthetics
Bone testing


Academic (educational and research) Government and Military
Material testing Ballistic
Kolsky / hopkinson bar high-speed testing Explosive
Shock tube impact Dynamic tensile testing
Microscopy Defense armor testing
Barrier & barricade explosive testing


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