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Measuring Operational Deflection Shapes of a Brake Rotor


Automobiles are subject to many forces during operation.  Vibrations from the engine or the road-surface transmit through the vehicle’s chassis and suspension to the most essential mechanical component of the vehicle, the brake system. In this example, a 14” diameter brake disc from a heavy-duty truck was excited using a small hammer to measure the vibration shapes of the rotor.
The three-dimensional operational deflection shapes were easily identified and measured using the patented VIC-3D™ HS Vibration Analysis System. Amplitudes as small as 40 nanometers were measured for frequencies up to approximately 2,000 Hz. Three unique shapes can easily be identified at 120, 932 and 2,087 Hz. The screen shot of the software below (left) shows a graph of the average out-of-plane amplitude A(w) as a function of frequency. The operational deflection shape at 932 Hz is animated below (right).


Correlated Solutions, Inc. provides turn-key systems that allow users to quickly and accurately make extremely detailed measurements of shape, 3D motion, deformation, and strain over the entire surface of any object under any load condition.  Full-field 3D data can be extracted in the form of graphs, contour plots, animations, and other various formats for easy FEA validation.


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